Yo yo yo. I love these people to death and if u don't follow them then bye. These people mean the world to me and all of them are beautiful in their own special way. Ok swag ily.
Rad People
Name: Julia
URL: gunnerette
Team: Arsenal
More: Felip is my everything. She is the sweetest/funniest person I know and I couldn't ask for a better best friend like her. She is the Felipe to my Eduardo and I love her more than anything. Plus did I mention she's funny as frick? Omg. If you're an Arsenal fan follow her rn bc Arsenal is everything to her.
Name: Quinn
URL: football-tho
Team: Liverpool/Bayern Munich
More: Quinndelin is the swaggiest person ever ok. I've met her twice which is swag and we are so alike that it's kinda scary tbh. Even tho she's a shit son, she is one of my best friends on here and it's just unreal how close we've become. I love her so much ok she's swaggie.
Name: Demi
URL: mygeezers
Team: Real Madrid/Chelsea
More: Demi ma guuurl. I love her ok she is flawless and a ray of sunshine. She is funny as frick and she's soo nice (sometimes). But yeah it's so weird how we became friends but I'm happy now bc she is one of my closer friends on here and she is da bomb.
Name: Audrey
URL: swagiswiel
Team: Chelsea/Real Madrid
More: Audrey is the best ok. She is so sassy and funny and she tells you like it is. She is honestly perf and fab and I'm so happy I'm friends with her idk what I'd do without her. I luv her sososo much and she's just a flawless person ok.
Name: Karley
URL: valnichushkins
Team: Liverpool
More: Karlito is ma fav. She's so sweet omg and so qt. Her luv for Olivier is perf like her but uk. We both have problems with foreign boys in our school and she gets me. I love her soooo much shes awesome.'
Name: Nicole
URL: totosalvios
Team: Benfica
More: Nicole is so sweet. She is also extremely honest and will fight to the death over the club she supports. I like dat tbh. I love her sooo much she is an awesome person.
Name: Riley
URL: neuers
Team: Bayern Munich
More: Riley is flawless ok. She is a queen. She is so funny and even tho we support rival teams our friendship is still something special. I love her so much and I'm glad that I met her.
Name: Layla
URL: dortmundunited
Team: Manchester United/Borussia Dortmund
More: Layla is Tyra Banks fun fact. But anyways, I've talked to her for a little bit now and I love her! She's so sweet and I'm so happy we've became friends!
Name: Najma
URL: marco-van-ginkel
Team: Chelsea
More: Najma is the nicest person ever. She's honestly a great friend and I know she will always have my back. I love her so much and I'm happy that I can have a friend like her.
Name: Sandy
URL: merrycriskmas
Team: Real Madrid
More: I love Sandy ok. She is beautiful and so sweet. She's also a total sassmaster but uk. She's awesome and I'm glad we're freinds.
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